GrowMax Water RO – Power Grow Unit 500lpd


  • Eliminates 95%, of salts and heavy metals.
  • Helps stabilize pH.
  • Protects beneficial micro-organisms in your soil.
  • Get 100% effectiveness from your nutrients and fertilizers.
  • Great for organic growers.
  • Produces up to 500 litres per day of pure water.
  • Easy connection to garden/outside tap or washing machine connection/fitting.
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Growmax water Reverse Osmosis filtration units give plants clean water and the best opportunity to grow the best crops.

The Power Grow Reverse Osmosis 3-stage unit is optimized for gardening and hydroponic uses, up to 500 L/D of pure water. Eliminates up to 95% of all salts and heavy metals. Also eliminates 99% of chlorine and sediments down to 5 microns, immediately!

Soil, Coco and Hydroponic growers will benefit from passing all the water they use through a GrowMax Unit. The tap water Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) filtration units have 3 pods; the first is a sediment filter, removing rust, sediment, and any other solid material from the tap water down to a size of 5 microns. The second pod contains an activated carbon block through which the water is forced. The activated carbon removes the harmful pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and chlorine leaving fresh clean water that is not harmful to plants. The water finally passes through the reverse osmosis membrane; this allows only H20 molecules through, stripping the water of any minerals, heavy metals or other impurities giving the grower the ideal base platform into which to mix their nutrients.

Tap water is supplied to homes to be fit for human consumption. This means chemicals are added to keep the water fresh at all times. The water may also be carrying unwanted chemicals from the water supply cycle such as pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals. These chemicals are detrimental to the health of plants.

Removes or reduces:

  • Chlorine,Chloramines, nitrates, nitrites, Salts, Sediment, dirt, rust, oxidation.
  • Herbicides and Pesticides.
  • Volatile Organic Contaminants.
  • (Chemical Contaminants, Benzenes,Toluene, Oils, THM’s, Detergents, PCB’s).

*Replace cartridges every 6 months.

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