In-tank Heaters


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Durable and reliable in-tank heaters for all growing systems, or for general purpose use.

Thermostatically controlled with easy-read switch at top of a heater for accurate, reliable ease of use

Durable enough to resist most usual knocks and scrapes in the growing system tank. *We do not recommend pouring very cold water directly onto/over any tank heater whilst in use as this could damage the heater.

Keeping your nutrient solution at the optimum temperature will ensure optimum growth and yeild. Please see FAQ section of our site for recommended nutrient temperature.


  • Newa Eco 50watt: 25ltr – 50ltr max
  • Boyu 100watt: 90ltr – 130ltr max
  • Newa Pro 150watt: 130ltr – 190ltr max
  • Boyu 200watt: 190ltr – 250ltr max
  • Boyu 300watt: 200ltr – 300ltr max


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