Newa Wind NW Air Pumps


  • Fitted with uk plug
  • Energy saving
  • Small size
  • Adjustable airflow (excl NW1)
  • Anti-noise system
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Premium quality Multi purpose air pumps suitable for hydroponics nutrient tanks, aquariums, and general applications.

High performance with low power consumption. Very quiet. Compact and powerful. Long life. Low-maintenance. Provided with a unique device for holding the air tube.

*All models have adjustable airflow except for model NW1.

Single outlet: NW1, NW2, NW3

Twin outlet: NW22, NW33

Model – Tank Volume:

  • NW1 90lph:         20-60ltrs
  • NW2 110lph:       40-100ltrs
  • NW3 200lph:       100-160ltrs
  • NW22 2x100lph: 160-300ltrs
  • NW33 2x190lph:  300-600ltrs



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