Grodan Rockwool SBS Seedling Plugs 35x35x40mm


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A tray of Grodan 77 x1inch Rockwool (35x35x40mm) cubes for seedling and clone propagation.

Although it seems a little strange to place a square plug into a round hole (when inserting into a larger cube) ..this is for a good reason! The outer edges of the square Grodan SBS cube will sit neatly on the top of the opening of a larger cube, which allows for an air-gap between the base of the SBS cube and the bottom of a larger cube..therefore reducing the chance of root damage whilst transplanting!!

For use with our 3″ & 4″ Large hole cubes or any other growing medium.

*Requires pH neutralising before use. Pre-soak (ideally) overnight in pH 5.5 adjusted water.

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