Wilma 10 Plant Dripper Grow Kit

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A complete simple to set-up and use Hydroponic growing kit that includes everything you'll need for a successful indoor Hydroponic garden from seed ...More

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Wilma 10 Plant Dripper Grow Kit

A complete simple to set-up and use Hydroponic growing kit that includes everything you'll need for a successful indoor Hydroponic garden from seed to harvest! The kit includes only quality, high yielding branded equipment so If you are on a budget don't be persuaded to spend less for a grow kit with inferior products..."quality pays for itself!!

We are here to help you every step of the way with your growing kit, so please call for any advice if required!

From the highest quality, Secret Jardin grow tent, to the simplest, most effective, high yielding hydroponic growing system. The Secret Jardin Rev3.0 DR120 (120cm x 120cm x 200cm) grow tent is the ideal size for a single 600w grow light, and is constructed of the highest quality light proof, flame resistant materials. Construction is an easy one man job within 15minutes. 

To start your favourite seeds or cuttings we have supplied a Root-It Propagation kit which includes Propagator, 24x Root!t seedling/cutting cubes, Root-it Gel (for cuttings) Root-It First Feed, Sterile Scalpel and ‘How to’ guide on achieving great results from your cuttings or seeds.

To supply light to your favourite plants, we have supplied either a Maxibright Euro WarpDrive 600w electronic grow light or a Maxibright Euro Varidrive 600w variable output digital grow light, and then an Easy Rolls adjustable light hanging kit. To safely switch your light through On/Off timed cycles, we have included a Lumii 600w rated lighting controller/timer. For air extraction and air/odour purification, we have included the reliable Rhino 100mm single speed in-line fan (wired with a 2mtr cable and UK plug) Carbon filter from Rhino Pro Filters, ducting and fastening clips. 

The Atami Wilma 10 pot growing system is a simple drip-fed system which offers the grower precise, timed (timer incl for Wilma pump!) nutrient dosing, and a high yielding ability from healthy plants which are grown in pots of expanded Clay Pebbles or Coco growing media (supplied!). Growing in Clay Pebbles or Coco ensures a quick growing, strong and well-oxygenated root system which leads to a healthy stable plant. Your favourite plants will feed to an enhanced level.. leading to large yields!

To feed your plants we have supplied the excellent UK formulated Intense Nutrients Intense Hydro Grow A+B and Intense Hydro Bloom A+B (for Clay Pebble kit) nutrients or Intense Coco A+B (for Coco kit) nutrients, Intense PK Phite to increase flowering potential, and then Intense Runzyme and Intense MagCal to accelerate nutrient uptake and keep your plants healthy. 

To maintain the optimum pH level in your tank (after adding and mixing nutrients) we have supplied pH Down solution, a Pipette (only a few drops of pH Down acid may be required per ltr of water/nutrient in Hard Water areas) and a simple pH test kit.

Just to ensure a healthy grow we have supplied a simple digital Thermo/hygrometer which will monitor temperature and humidity (see Growing FAQ's for more information) and help you to maintain a healthy environment. 

PLEASE NOTE: Grow tent Returns – Conditions https://www.somhydro.co.uk/content/terms-and-conditions

There are multiple variants of this product:

Package includes:

  • 1x Secret Jardin Rev3.0 DR120 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0mtr grow tent
  • 1x Wilma 10x6.5ltr pot system. (see Growing systems)
  • 1x Segmental timer (for Wilma pump)
  • 70x ltrs Clay Pebbles
  • OR 
  • 70x ltrs Coco Media
  • 1x 600w Supernova Pro Compact complete HPS grow light.
  • 1x EZ Roller adjustable light hanging kit.
  • 1x Lumii grow light timer.
  • 1x 100mm/300mm Rhino Pro Filter.
  • 1x 100mm Rhino in-line fan.
  • 1x 100mmx10mtr Flexible aluminium ducting.
  • 2x 100mm Fastening clips.
  • 1x Digital Thermo/hygrometer.
  • 1x 250ml pH Down Acid.
  • 1x Liquid Ph Test kit.
  • 1x 5ml Pipette
  • 1x 100ml Syringe.
  • 1x 1ltr Intense Nutrients Hydro Grow A+B & 1ltr Hydro Bloom A+B or 1x 1ltr Intense Nutrients Coco A+B.
  • 1ltr Intense Nutrients MagCal (Coco kit)
  • 1x 1ltr Intense Nutrients Runzyme.
  • 1x 1ltr Intense Nutrients PK Phite.
  • 1x Root-It Propagation Kit.
  • Instructions.