Secret Jardin DR240W Grow Tent Kit

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A complete Secret Jardin grow tent kit which includes the essential equipment for setting up a quality grow room. The high quality branded equipment will giv...More

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Secret Jardin DR240W Grow Tent Kit

A complete Secret Jardin grow tent kit which includes the essential equipment for setting up a quality grow room. The high quality branded equipment will give years of successful indoor gardening and high yielding possibility of your favourite plants!

We are here to help you every step of the way with your growing kit, so please call for any advice if required!

The Secret Jardin DR240W Rev3.0 (240x120x200cm) silver Mylar lined grow tent is constructed to the highest quality from light proof, flame resistant materials and packs a host of new features: Space Booster, WebIT (scrog net) CableIT, PocketIT and StrapIT which are all included. This grow tent is the ideal size for 2x 600w HID grow lights. Construction is an easy one-man job within 30minutes. 

To supply light to your favourite plants, we have supplied a choice of either two Maxibright Euro WarpDrive 600w electronic grow lights or two Maxibright Euro Varidrive 600w variable output digital grow lights, and then two Easy Rolls adjustable light hanging kits. To safely switch your grow lights through On/Off timed cycles, we have included a Maxiswitch 2kw rated 2-way lighting controller and timer. 

For air extraction and air/odour purification, we have included a high quality 150mm LP Rhino in-line fan (400mtr3) which is reliable, powerful, durable and quiet. The 150mm LP Rhino fan comes completely wired and with a UK 3-pin plug. The highest quality, genuine 150mm x 300mm Rhino PRO Carbon filter which Includes outer pre-filter. To connect your 150mm fan and filter we have supplied a 150mm Padded Collar. For inlet ventilation, we have supplied a Rhino 100mm inline fan (280mtr3). To complete your ventilation kit we have supplied aluminium ducting and fastening clips for connection.

And just to ensure a healthy grow we have supplied a simple Digital Temp/Hygrometer which will monitor temperature and humidity and will help you to maintain a healthy environment.

All you need now is either a growing system or plant pots, growing medium and nutrients..and of course your favourite plants!!

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Kit includes:

  • 1x Secret Jardin DR240W Rev3.0 (240x120x200cm) grow tent.
  • 2x 600w Maxibright WarpDrive electronic ballast or 2x 600w Maxibright Varidrive digital ballast.
  • 2x 600w Sunmaster Dual Spectrum HPS lamp.
  • 2x Maxibright Euro grow light reflector.
  • 1x 150mm Rhino LP single speed RVK fan.
  • 1x 150/300mm Rhino Pro carbon filter.
  • 1x 150mm x 10mtr Aluminium ducting.
  • 1x 150mm Padded Collar (joining filter to fan)
  • 2x 150mm Fastening clamps.
  • 1x 100mm Rhino single speed RVK fan (inlet).
  • 1x 100mm x 10mtr Aluminium ducting. 
  • 2x 100mm fastening clamps.
  • 2x Easy Roller light hanging kit.
  • 1x 2-way Relay grow light controller.
  • 1x Analogue timer for Relay grow light controller.
  • 1x Digital Temp/Hygrometer.