5 Plant Soil Growing Kit

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A complete soil growing kit that includes only the most trusted quality equipment from the leading brands. If you are on a budget don't be...More

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5 Plant Soil Growing Kit

A complete soil growing kit that includes only the most trusted quality equipment from the leading brands. If you are on a budget don't be persuaded to spend less for a grow kit with inferior products..." quality pays for itself!

We are here to help you every step of the way with your growing kit, so please call for any advice if required!

Everything you need for a successful indoor garden is included. To create your indoor garden we have supplied the basic yet quality Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS120 Rev2.0  (120 x 120 x 200cm) growing tent. This grow tents is the ideal size for a single HID light and has improvements in design over the old Rev1.0 range such as the new light-proof door system and increased overall height. Construction is an easy one-man job within 15minutes.

To supply light to your favourite plants, we have included the new Maxibright VARIDRIVE 600w Euro variable digital grow light which has four adjustable power settings (250w, 400w, 600w and 660w boost) for continuous flexibility during the whole growing and flowering cycles. To suspend your grow light a pair of Easy Rolls adjustable light hanging kit. To safely switch your light through On/Off timed cycles, we have included a Lumii lighting controller/timer.

For air extraction and air/odour purification, we have included the reliable Rhino 100mm single speed in-line fan (wired with a 2mtr cable and UK plug) Carbon filter from Rhino Pro Filters, ducting and fastening clips. 

To grow your plants we have included 11ltr fabric 'Dirt Pots', heavy duty saucers and Plagron Lightmix soil. To aid drainage of the soil we have included sufficient clay pebbles to line the base of the pots.

To feed your plants we have supplied the excellent Intense Nutrients - Dirt Grow and Dirt Bloom which have been specifically formulated for plants grown in soil and will ensure healthy high yielding plants. For nutrient dosing we have supplied a 5ml pipette.

PLEASE NOTE: Grow tent Returns – Conditions https://www.somhydro.co.uk/content/terms-and-conditions

Kit Include:

  • 1x Hydro Shoot HS120 grow tent
  • 1x Maxibright 600w Varidrive Euro grow light
  • 1x Easy Rolls (pair) adjustable light hanging kit 
  • 1x Lumii grow light timer
  • 1x 100mm Rhino in-line fan 
  • 1x 100mm/300mm Rhino Pro Filter 
  • 1x 100mmx10mtr Flexible aluminium ducting 
  • 2x 100mm Fastening clips
  • 5x 11ltr fabric Dirt Pots
  • 5x Heavy duty sqr saucers
  • 1x 50ltr sack Plagron Light Mix soil
  • 5x ltrs Clay pebbles (drainage- base of pots)
  • 1x 1ltr Intense Nutrient Dirt Grow
  • 1x 1ltr Intense Nutrients Dirt Bloom
  • 1x 5ml Pipette