Orca Premium Liquid Mycorrhizae 475ml


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Plant Success Orca Premium liquid Mycorrhizae great for soil or Hydroponics.

Orca is an exciting new product representing the pinnacle of biological inoculants, Orca is a highly concentrate mycorrhizal and beneficial bacteria product. Bringing together 4 highly effective endomycorrhizal species with 11 super aggressive bacteria strains this all-in-one inoculant is all you need when it comes to beneficial’s. Never before has such a powerful inoculant been so clean, easy to apply and affordable.

Using this powerful formula will result in explosive root growth giving plants the tools they need to maximize yields.

How to use Orca:

For soil growers, Orca can be mixed with water at a rate of 0.25ml per litre.

For hydroponic growers, a treatment of 5ml for every 20 litres of water should be run every 2 weeks, throughout the grow and bloom phases, stopping 4 weeks before harvest time.

*Do Not use this product alongside hydrogen peroxide products, like Liquid Oxygen, which will kill off the microbes before they have a chance to multiply.

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