Intense Nutrients – Wide Load


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Intense Wide Load speeds up and boosts the metabolism of fruiting plants, strengthens the immune system which leads to faster finishing and consistently higher yields and quality.

As a result of using Wide Load enhancer in conjunction with your usual Bloom nutrient, the harvest will be fuller and denser than normal. The yield will be more homogeneous due to a gradual ripening. Besides this Wide Load ensures that your plants will become healthier, stronger and less prone to diseases and plagues. Wide Load stands surety for a higher yield, but also contains flavour enhancing characteristics. Which means that it ensures a quantitative and qualitative better produce.

Even higher yields are possible when used in combination with Intense Climax and Intense Pk-Phite!

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 1-2ml per litre. Use throughout flowering period, first dose 5 days from start of flowering cycle.

Contains complex naturally occurring compounds.

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