Plant Magic Plus DWC A+B


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Plant Magic DWC Nutrient is the first hydroponic nutrient to be formulated specifically for use with deep water culture (DWC, Bubbler) growing systems. It has been formulated for use with both hard and soft water types, and so this nutrient will be suitable for DWC system growers anywhere!

Due to its specific formulation for DWC growing systems, this nutrient will remain as stable as possible within a DWC system, unlike most standard Hydroponic nutrients previously used by DWC growers.

DWC is to be used throughout the growth and flowering cycle, making this nutrient one of the most consistent, easy to use nutrients available. Plant Magic DWC contains important macro and micro nutrients that are crucial for healthy growth and a bumper crop yield!

  • Shake well before use
  • Add 1.5 – 2.5 ml per litre
  • Adjust pH if necessary
  • Always add equal amounts of A & B
  • Always add A & B separately to your tank
  • Once flowers form, add a PK additive
  • Universal formulation for both hard and soft water types
  • Formulated for DWC systems
  • pH stable regardless of bubbling intensity
  • Highly concentrated for excellent value
  • Use this one nutrient through grow and bloom
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