Plant Magic Plus Magne-Cal (Cal Mag)


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Destroy deficiencies and green up yellow leaves. Magne-Cal+ prevents and treats magnesium deficiencies which cause yellow leaves and contains effective trace elements for the ultimate health boost!
Plant Magic Magne Cal has been formulated to prevent against plant nutrient deficiency, particularly when in flowering phase. Magne Cal+ doesn’t just fight deficiencies. Packed full of additional micro-nutrients for an extra boost, it also contains nitrogen, iron, molybdenum and zinc to help with overall health, green up leaves and to increase resistance to pests and disease.
Plant Magic Magne Cal has been developed to use alongside your standard PK Booster and premium Booster’s such as Atami Bloombastic and Canna Boost Accelerator etc.
As your plant’s requirements for Phosphorus and Potassium rises, as does the need for Magnesium and Calcium in addition to the above, also aid absorption. Magne Cal+ has been formulated to provide the correct dosage and will work effectively alongside any brand of PK Booster. Adding extra calcium and magnesium also allows growers to get the best results from their PK. Perfect for use with any premium PK boosters on the market, Magne Cal+ helps plants take up vital phosphorous and potassium, vital elements for a stronger, better tasting crop.
Magne Cal+ can be used in both the flowering and vegetative stages.
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