Plant Magic Plus Silicon 1ltr


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Plant Magic Plus – Silicon is a silicon supplement that has been formulated specifically for growers using coco and hydroponic systems. Silicon works by toughening plants’ cell walls, triggering an increase in fruit density and overall vigour, and improving resistance to disease and pests.

How Plant Magic Silicon Works:
Plant Magic Silicon contains a mixture of soluble silicon, as well as nitrogen (0.12%), phosphorus (0.03%), and potassium (5.06%), in order to aid with the transportation of the silicon to cells. Silicon helps plants to build strong cell-walls which make the plant more resistant to diseases, fungi and pests. Silicon even reduces water loss through the leaves (transpiration), which can help guard against wilting. Liquid Silicon is also highly alkaline and so can be used to increase pH of nutrient solutions.

– Plant Magic Superb Products…and British too!
– Formulated specifically for hydro and coco
– Builds stronger stems and stalks
– Improved photosynthetic activity
– Increases resistance to pests & diseases
– Plants have better heat tolerance
– Perfect for use with Plant Magic’s own feeds & other boosters

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