Flairform BudStorm


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BudStorm contains phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) and other essential flowering compounds to help ensure large floral blooms of optimum size and quality. Insufficient supply of these nutrients will significantly hinder a plant’s reproductive ability.
Contains phosphorus (13% as P2O5) and potassium (11% as K2O). This unique formulation helps to buffer nutrient solution pH and is more readily absorbed by roots. BudStorm is designed to be used in conjunction with a full spectrum inorganic nutrient formulation throughout the flowering phase.

  • For use in Hydroponics, Soil or Coco mediums.
  • BudStorm is an All-in-One flowering additive for promoting floral blooms of optimum size and quality.
  • Contains phosphorus, potassium (NPK 0-13-11) and organic flowering stimulant
  • Improves the integrity of flowering sites
  • Improves flavour and aroma
  • BudStorm is a pH “neutral” formulation

Average dilution rate

1ml to 1ltr nutrient/water.

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