Atami Bloombastic


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The Atami Bloombastic formula contains biological minerals in combination with biological stimulants to create a one of a kind nutrient additive specifically designed for the flowering and ripening of your plants. Bloombastic is a BOOSTER, ACCELERATOR, TOP HARDENER, QUALITY IMPROVER and ESSENTIAL OILS INCREASING product. Bloombastic is an ORGANIC BASED PRODUCT containing sea kelp and clay minerals.

Bloombastic will also stimulate the enzyme process on several levels that will make your plant less sensitive to stress factors such as: warmth, dry air, high light intensity, disease, and nutrient inadequacies.

This flowering innovation does not contain any ballast ingredients such as sodium or chlorine. Therefore, compared to other cocktails, Bloombastic contains increased levels of phosphorus and potassium the active ingredient for flowering and ripening.

When to use Bloombastic:  During the bloom stage add Bloombastic every time you renew the reservoir. Flush before beginning to use Bloombastic in the 4th to 6th weeks.

Average dilution rate: 0.5-1ml to 1ltr nutrient/water.

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