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Silicon Ultra one of the most readily available (to plant growth) silicon plant products on the market. Silicon is an important nutritional element for many organisms, including humans. In plants it provides physical reinforcement against insect and mould attacks on leaves and flowers, strengthens cell walls allowing faster growth, confers resistance against biological and environmental stress, and even allows plants to reduce water loss. You can grow plants without it, but they are healthier and more productive with silicon.

Silicon Ultra is so plant effective due to its highly bioavailable form, and so cost effective due to its dilution rate in comparison to other premium silicon products!

Dilution/Application rates:

  • 0.1ml-0.2ml per 1L nutrient mix/water added weekly in solution

How to use Silicon Ultra:

  • We strongly recommend that Silicon Ultra is diluted in a 1L of nutrient mix/water before adding to a growing system tank or storage tank.
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