IONIC Coco Bloom 1L


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Ionic Coco Bloom is a very easy-to-use 1-part nutrient for plants grown in Coco in the flowering/fruiting phase. All the important nutrients needed for healthy plant growth are in the one bottle so there’s no need to measure and mix the separate A&B parts. Although Ionic Coco Bloom is very easy to use it will still produce very pleasing results. To achieve the best results it is advisable to use Ionic Coco Bloom with Ionic Boost.
Ionic Coco Bloom nutrient is formulated from the purest and most soluble mineral salts, not from harsh industrial chemicals, and is very gentle for the plant. IONIC is simple to use as it comes in a single bottle and is fully buffered to stabilise solution pH.
Average dilution rate: 7ml to 1ltr water.
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