Flairform SilikaMajic


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Flairform SilikaMajic is a highly concentrated Silica additive for enhancing plant weight & strength. Use in Hydroponics, Soil or Coco growing medium throughout the growth and flowering phases

  • Produces healthier & stronger plant growth: Once silica is taken up by the roots, it is deposited in the plant’s cell walls as a solid, rigid ‘quartz-like’ matrix.  This produces a ‘mechanically’ stronger plant which enables superior leaf orientation and therefore greater rates of photosynthesis and growth.
  • Increases weight & shelf-life of fruit: Accumulation of silica in plant cells increases cell weight and integrity.
  • Increases plant tolerance to heat stress (wilting).
  • Improves the healing rate and neatness of pruning wounds: This property is especially beneficial in commercial cropping of plants such as tomato and cucumber where regular pruning threatens the plant’s survival due to the risk of disease ingress.
  • SilikaMajic contains 26% Potassium Silicate (NPK  0-0-15).

Average dilution rate

0.1- 0.2ml to 1ltr nutrient/water.

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