Canna Terra Vega (Soil Grow)


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Canna Terra Vega nutrient has been specifically formulated for the VEGATIVE phase of plants grown in SOIL. This nutrient has been developed for pre-fertilised soil, but can also be used for poor soil or already used soil. A complete absorption of nutrients is guaranteed right from the start of the cultivation.

Terra Vega ensures a strong plant with large vital shoots and luxuriant root development. This is important for healthy, powerful growth and a high yield

Easy to use and dissolves directly
Terra Vega guarantees complete absorption of water and feeding from the start of cultivation. This is because Terra Vega is rich in nitrogen compounds that can be absorbed directly, high value iron chelates and trace elements

Terra Vega is suitable for use with different type of potting mixes such as pre-fertilised potting mixes or potting mix that is nutrient deficient or has been used previously

N.P.K ratio: 3.1.4

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