SMC – Spider Mite Control 300ml


  • Controls spider mites (and other pests)
  • Pesticide free, completely natural and safe.
  • Safe to beneficial insects
  • Highly concentrated – 300ml makes 12 litres of foliar spray
  • Fast acting
  • Tested, used and recommended by professionals
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SMC has been especially developed to kill spider mites. Used as directed, SMC will kill spider mites and their eggs. SMC is pesticide free, 100% natural and completely safe.

SMC Spider Mite Control kills spider mites and their eggs without resorting to the use of pesticides or other harmful substances. When diluted SMC is sprayed onto plant foliage, it blocks the breathing holes of spider mites causing death by suffocation. SMC also coats spider mite eggs, preventing them from transpiring and thereby drastically reducing the likelihood that they will hatch.

This 300ml concentrate will make aprrox 12 x 1L sprays/doses. Mix SMC concentrate in a suitable sprayer, shake well until thoroughly mixed and apply.

Spray onto plants ensuring all surfaces are wetted. It is essential to ensure good spray coverage of the sites where the spider mites are found, including the underside of the leaf.

Apply at the end of the day and leave to work overnight or when lights are off. Apply when you see there is a problem. Use mixed solution within 6 hours.

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