1ltr Flairform Pythoff – Anti Root Rot


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Root-rot can cause untold damage in hydroponic systems in only a few days. Pythoff helps to maintain a sterile hydroponic nutrient solution. Used as directed, Pythoff will treat and prevent pythium and other forms of root-rot in Hydroponic growing systems or Coco growing media.

Pythoff effectively sterilises nutrient solutions and hydroponic systems, killing diseases and fungi that cause root-rot, particularly pythium. Continuous use off Pythoff will guard against root-rot getting into your system. Pythoff can also get rid of root-rot in an infected system and can even save your plants as long as they are treated early enough. Used as directed, Pythoff will sterilise all surfaces that it comes into contact with including reservoirs, pumps, feed-lines, drip-lines, drippers, substrate, roots and drain-lines.

  • Treats root-rot if used in early stages of the disease
  • Prevents root-rot from infecting your system
  • Sterilises your hydroponic system and nutrient solution
  • Remains active for a long time in solution
  • One of the best root-rot treatments/preventatives available
  • For use in Hydroponic systems and Coco media.
  • * Not suitable for soil growing medium*


Add 2ml of Pythoff per 10 Litres (1ml per 10ltrs if weak plants) of reservoir size/nutrient solution. Mix the 1-2ml into 1 Litre of nutrient-free water and mix well within the tank before switching pump on.

* Not suitable for soil growing medium*

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