GT205 NFT Hydroponic Growing System


GT205 comes complete with:

  • 25ft Spreader mat
  • 125ml pH Down acid
  • Liquid pH test kit
  • Pump & fittings
  • Instructions
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The GT205 Hydroponics NFT growing system is an upgraded old favourite with a higher quality finish than previous. It is an ideal entry level system or for those who have little room to grow. A simple modular design with the nutrient tank directly below the growing tray which allows a maximum head height for your plants.
Suits 2-4 medium/large plants.

The set-up and use of the GT NFT range of growing systems could not be easier! Simply fill the nutrient tank with the desired amount of water, then add your nutrients at the bottle recommended strength and mix/stir by hand or using a secondary pump. Check the pH of the mixed solution and adjust accordingly. Plug the pump in, and let your system do all the work.

Due to the nutrients being in direct contact with the plants root system, we recommend daily monitoring/altering of nutrient strength and pH to obtain maximum results from your plants!

Your seedlings/cuttings and will need to be started in Rockwool SBS cubes and then transplanted to Rockwool 3″ or 4″ cubes prior to placing into the GT growing system.

Top Tips:
1) Ensure plants are root bound before transplanting into the system. An abundance of roots should be visible on the outside of the Rockwool cube or starter media.
2) Run pump 24/7 no need for segmental timer or feeding schedule.
3) Completely remove plastic wrapping from Rockwool cubes, this allows the roots to access more oxygen.
4) Cut lengths of Spreader mat long enough to allow an overhang from the Channel into the trickling water sounds!

Dimensions: 700mm x 400mm x 200mm
Tank volume: 20-25 litres

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