EF120 Flood and Drain system


EF120 comes complete with:

  • Pump & all fittings
  • Black/white cover plate
  • Instructions
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The EF120 Hydroponic Flood and Drain growing system is the smallest of EF family and is ideal for small growing spaces.

It is a modular recirculating system with the nutrient tank directly beneath the flood tray to allow as much ‘head height’ as possible for your plants. The system is flooded as often as you decide (2-6 times in daylight hours) ideally utilising an Imperium Feed Duration Controller or ‘Plus Controller which offers complete, precise control of a stable nutrient feed, or at the very least a quality segmental or digital timer

Plants are grown in 13cm square pots filled with clay pebbles, or the growing tray can be filled entirely with clay pebbles, but be aware of your flooding depth to ensure pebbles are not pushed up and out of the tray!


  • Growing tray: 56cm x 56cm
  • Tank: 71cm x 61cm x 30cm
  • Tank volume: 45litres
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