Oxypot XL DWC System


Oxypot XL features:

  • Air pump
  • Air stones
  • 2ltrs clay pebbles
  • All required tubing/fittings.
  • Fast growth
  • No timer- Plant-up and leave it
  • Large healthy root mass
  • Pots can be turned under lights
  • Easy access to the reservoir. Check nutrients quickly and easily
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The Oxypot XL Deep Water Culture (Bubbler) system is ideal for growing 1-2 (caps supplied for covering outer holes if wishing to grow a plant in the centre hole) medium to large plants.

Your favourite plants are placed in the Oxypot mesh basket’s  and the roots are suspended in the growing chamber where an air pump constantly oxygenates the solution.

The roots have constant access to nutrient solution in this oxygen rich environment which leads to fast growth. Our Oxypots are very popular because they’re incredibly simple and the results are fantastic.

There’s no risk of providing too little or too much nutrient solution because the roots take-up what they need when they need it.

Rarely is something so effective so simple to use. Deep Water Culture (DWC) has quickly become popular because there’s no timer, very little media (clay pebbles) and the root growth is exceptional.

The removable mesh basket enables growers to turn the plant for even light exposure and the locators keeps the air pump firmly in place.

Pump – leave the pump on 24/7 – the plant’s roots need constant access to nutrient solution and oxygen.

Transplanting – young plants started in 1” rockwool cubes, root riots or jiffy’s can be transplanted into an Oxypot, they must be root bound before they go into the system

Plants under lights will take up water at a greater rate than they take up nutrient. Over time the EC (CF) of the solution will rise. Top up the pot with half strength nutrient solution, check EC and add extra nutrient if required. Then adjust pH level and perform a complete solution change every 2-3 weeks, depending plant size, water quality and hardness.

  • Oxypot XL dimensions: 83 x 58.5 x 38cm
  • Tank volume: 70 Litres
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