Oxypot DWC System


Oxypot incls:

  • 19ltr Oxypot/lid
  • All fittings/tubing
  • 1ltr Clay Pebbles
  • Air-pump
  • Air-stone
  • Full instructions.
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The IWS Oxypot is an excellent budget-priced hydroponics Deep Water Culture (Bubbler) growing system is ideal for growing a single medium/large plant.

A single plant is suspended above the nutrient supply in a mesh basket filled with clay pebbles (supplied) with the root system then free growing into the nutrient solution below. The nutrient solution is then oxygenated via theĀ air-stone/pump. The result is an explosive root system which leads to a large healthy plant that will yield a bumper single plant crop!

A low maintenance growing system that is so simple yet so effective !
Made from thick light-proof food grade plastic.

Oxypot dimensions:
Base – 22cm x 22cm
Top – 34cm x 34cm
Height – 38cm

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