FlexiTank Nutrient/Water Tank



  • Fits where no other tanks can.
  • No tool assembly, takes minutes to set-up.
  • Easy to ship with compact packaging.
  • Easy to store when not in use.
  • Reinforced stitching.
  • Robust support poles.
  • Click-fit taps.
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The new FlexiTank revolutionises water storage, everything a grower needs in one compact box!

Constructed throughout with quality, strong, durable and flexible materials to ensure peace of mind when in use.

Tip: We recommend partly filling ANY water tank prior to use to check for leaks. Precautions and considerations should always be taken and made when holding any large volume of water/nutrient!

Dimensions boxed:
100ltr FlexiTank – 74 x 18 x 13cm
225ltr FlexiTank – 80 x 18 x 13cm
400ltr FlexiTank – 110 x 18 x 13cm

Dimensions when full:
100ltr FlexiTank – 75cm x 43cm diameter
225ltr FlexiTank – 81cm x 64cm diameter
400ltr FlexiTank – 111cm x 68cm diameter

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