Autopot Easy2Grow Extension Kit – 9mm AquaValve5


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For extending your AutoPot Easy2Grow system.


  • 1x module
  • 2x 8Ltr pots
  • 1x AquaValve5 – 9mm inlet
  • 2x Root control discs
  • 2x Marix filter discs
  • 9mm tubing
  • 1x 9mm T-piece

Recommended: Turbo charge your Autopot system with an AirDome kit.

Autopot tip: If transplanting seedling’s or cuttings into your Autopot system that do not have an established root system; we recommend either waiting until a sufficient root system is present, or top watering (just enough to moisten growing media around seedling or cutting) the Autopot for the first few days.

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