Autopot 15L Extension Kit – 9mm AquaValve5



  • 1x 15Ltr pot
  • 1x AquaValve5 – 9mm inlet
  • Module
  • All tubing (9mm)
  • All fittings (9mm)
  • Root Control & Matrix disc
  • Instructions
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This single plant system is ideal for mother plants or for those who wish to grow a large plant in a 15L pot. The kit comes complete with 9mm tubing for instant connection to an Autopot 47 Ltr tank.

Autopot systems offer the grower an automatic watering system without the need for a pump or electricity !. This is due to the unique AQUAvalve which works on the same principle as a toilet cistern ballcock. Basically, as the plant feeds the gravity fed AQUAvalve will automatically top-up the system to a pre-set depth… these systems really are plant driven !

Any growing medium can be used which offers the grower even more choice of how they wish to grow.

Recommended: Turbo charge your Autopot system with an AirDome kit.

Autopot tip: If transplanting seedling’s or cuttings into your Autopot system that do not have an established root system; we recommend either waiting until a sufficient root system is present, or top watering (just enough to moisten growing media around seedling or cutting) the Autopot for the first few days.

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