X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator



  • Plants rooted in 1-2 weeks!
  • 12x – 80x Cuttings or Seedling sites.
  • Compact module unit.
  • Pump & all fittings.
  • Neoprene rooting discs supplied.
  • Mesh baskets supplied
  • Transplant into any growing medium.
  • Instructions.
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Want your cuttings or seedlings rooted within an average of 8-12 days?.. then the X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator is for you!

X-Stream plant porpagators are excellent for healthy, fast rooting of your cuttings or seedlings. Cuttings or seeds are placed in Rockwool SBS cubes (require pre-soaking in pH 5.5 water before use) or directly into our Root Riot cubes straight out of the packet (we do not recommend using loose soil or coco) within the mesh basket, or the grower can chose to bare-root cuttings in the neoprene discs supplied). The mesh baskets are then suspended directly over the water supply which is sprayed onto the mesh basket. Never under or over watered, your cuttings will receive high levels of oxygen from the spray as they root – resulting in a very fast and successful strike rate.


X-Stream 12 site dimensions: L47 x W40 x H44cm. Tank volume: 10ltrs

X-Stream 20 site dimensions: L47 x W40 x H44cm. Tank volume: 10ltrs

X-Stream 40 site dimensions: L60cm x W41cm x H45cm. Tank volume: 15ltrs

X-Stream 80 site dimensions: L75cm x W60cm x H45cm. Tank volume: 25ltrs

X-Stream 120 site dimensions: L119cm x W67cm x H46cm. Tank volume: 50ltrs

Top Tips:
1) When cuttings are placed into the system, fill the tank with pH adjusted water and leave the pump on 24/7. Constant access to water and oxygen encourages the cuttings to root quickly.
2) When roots begin to show add Grow nutrient at a quarter of the manufacturers recommended dosage!

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