Plagron Cocos Premium 50ltr


  • Naturally high air porosity
  • Rinsed 3x
  • Zero salts
  • Absorbs water easily
  • Very stable material
  • 100% organic
  • Excellent water/air ratio
  • Trichoderma rich
  • Buffered to pH perfection
  • RHP certified
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Plagron Cocos Premium is ideal because of its structure making it a perfect base coco (Coir) growing substrate. It is fully buffered at a stable pH-value. Cocos Premium contains Trichoderma to offer malicious mold protection. It is particularly suitable for fast-growing plants.

Cocos Premium meets the most stringent quality requirements and contains no fertilizers. Cocos Premium also has the RHP quality mark to ensure that only the highest quality coco fibre is stored, rinsed, prepared and then bagged within the correct conditions, and this is why Plagrons Cocos Premium has fast become the professional’s choice of coco growing media.

Hydrological grow with stable pH.
Fully buffered substrate with stable pH.
Rinsed with fresh water for high quality.
Guaranteed to be the best-washed coconut substrate on the market.
Guaranteed low EC value.

 Plagron Coco Premium can be used in conjunction with any Coco feed.
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