HS100 400w HPS Soil or Coco Growing Kits


  • 1x Hydro Shoot HS100 (100 x 100 x 200cm) grow tent
  • 1x Pair adjustable light hangers
  • 1x Lumii grow light timer
  • 1x 400w HPS Growlush Euro grow light
  • 1x 125mm Vents TT inline fan
  • 1x 125mm x 200mm Carbon Garden Filter
  • 1x 125mm x 5mtr aluminium ducting
  • 3x 125mm Fastening clamps
  • 1x Digital hygrometer
  • 1x Root!T propagation kit
  • 1x 1ltr Intense Dirt Grow & Dirt Bloom or 1L Coco A+B
  • 1x 250ml Intense Foundation
  • 1x 250ml Intense PK Phite
  • 2x 5ml Pipette
  • 1x 1L Jug
  • 5x 11L Square fabric pots
  • 5x Square pot-saucers
  • 1x 50L Plagron Lightmix Soil or Coco media
  • 7x ltrs Clay pebbles

Complete 5-plant soil or coco growing kits which include quality equipment from recognised brands. If you are on a budget don’t be persuaded to spend less for a grow kit with inferior products!

We are here to help you every step of the way with your growing kit, so please call for any advice if required!

Everything you need for a successful indoor garden is included. To create your indoor garden we offer the Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS100 grow tent (100cm x 100cm x 200cm) is silver Mylar lined to offer maximum light reflectivity. It is regarded as an entry level tent yet is constructed from quality light proof, flame resistant materials and is the ideal size for a single 400w HPS grow light. Construction is an easy one-man job within 15minutes.

To supply light to your favourite plants, we offer the Growlush 400w (magnetic core) ballast, Euro reflector and Growlush HPS lamp.  A pair of easy-adjustable ratchet hangers to suspend grow light reflector/Led are also supplied. To safely switch your light through On/Off timed cycles, we have included a Lumii 600w rated lighting controller/timer.

For air extraction and air/odour purification, we have included a Vents TT 125mm mixed-flow in-line fan (*Requires simple wiring with cable and UK plug – supplied. Consult an electrician if required) a 125mm x 200mm Carbon Garden Filter (9-12 months life span) and ducting and fastening clips to put your ventilation kit together.

To start your favourite seeds or cuttings we have supplied a Root!t Propagation Kit which includes propagator, 24x seedling/cutting cubes, rooting gel (for cuttings), a sterile scalpel, first feed and a ‘How to’ guide on achieving great results from your cuttings or seeds.

To grow your plants we have supplied 5x 11L square fabric pots allowing you to grow the ideal amount and size of plants relevant to the HS100 grow tent. Square pot saucers and either Plagron Lightmix Soil or Coco Premium media are also supplied. To aid drainage of the soil we have included sufficient clay pebbles to line the base of the pots.

To feed your plants we have supplied the excellent Intense Nutrients Dirt Grow and Dirt Bloom or Coco A+B all of which have been specifically formulated for plants grown respectively in soil or coco media. To ensure healthy high yielding plants, we have also included Intense Foundation (root enhancer) and Intense PK Phite (bloom booster). For accurate feed measurement and hand watering we have included 5ml pipettes and a jug. There are other great growth and bloom enhancing products in the range, so please feel free to contact us for any further information on the entire Intense Nutrients range.

And finally, just to ensure a healthy grow we have supplied a simple digital hygrometer which will monitor temperature and humidity (see Growing FAQ’s for more information) and help you to maintain a healthy environment.

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