Secret Jardin DP120 Rev4


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The Secret Jardin DP120 Rev4 measuring 120cmW x 60cmD x 190cmH is the ideal multi shelved propagation grow tent for intensive plant production!

The main differences between the Revision 4 and its predecessor is the increased height and the inclusion of the new ducting brackets and flanges enabling you to position the intake and extraction vents to suit your situation, also the new CableIt product allows the user to install a cable port at the most convenient place through the wall of the tent.

Features include:

  • 4x shelves with 3x removable sections per shelf make this grow tent truly versatile for multi-plant propagation and holding larger plants at the same time.
  • 100mm extraction vent bracket, cutting kit and flange.
  • 100mm intake vent bracket, cutting kit and light baffle.
  • 2 X cable ports for fitting where convenient.
  • Light-proof

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