Secret Jardin Dark Propagator DP90 Rev4.0


The Secret Jardin DP90 grow tent measuring 90L x 60D x 98Hcm is an all in one propagation tent suitable for propagation, growing and blooming (size of plant relevant)

Secret Jardin DP90’s incredibly light weight and compact size this grow tent is incredibly flexible and easy to set up. The Secret Jardin DP90 also features 1x cable port, 1x 100mm extraction port and 1x light baffle. There is a waterproof removable tray in the bottom of the DP90 to keep your floors free from dirt and water! The DP90 is manufactured with 95% reflective hammered effect mylar fabric.

The DP90 is capable of holding up to 2 x 77 Rockwool SBS cube trays or two large Stewart propagators. There is plenty of space for all your cuttings, seedlings or small plants!

We highly recommend using 2-4 units of the amazing Secret Jardin 26w Blue T-Led grow lights for propagation (2x units) or vegetative growth (4x units) in this grow tent.


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