Soler & Palau TD-Silent Acoustic Ventilation Kits


  • Award winning S&P TD-Silent Fan
  • Rhino Pro long life carbon filter
  • Acoustic ducting
  • Clamps for easy installation

Sound insulated (acoustic) complete ventilation kits utilising the award-winning Soler & Palau (S&P) range of TD-Silent fans to offer minimal noise output combined with complete air purification/odour control utilising the most effective carbon filters on the market…Rhino Pro!

Soler & Palau TD-Silent fans are quite simply one of the highest quality, quietest, most reliable and most efficient range of acoustic (soundproofed) in-line grow room fans available on the market today and are a must for any indoor gardener wishing to build a grow room in places where people work and/or low sound level is required!

Rhino Pro Grow Room Carbon Filters utilise activated virgin RC-412 Carbon which is highly efficient and lighter than lower grade carbon and has a longer lifespan on average of 2-3years (minimum) before a replacement filter is required. This combined with aluminium tops and bottoms, makes Rhino Pro filters the lightest most effective air purification system on the market.

To minimise sound output even further, each kit includes a 10mtr length of relevant sized sound insulated acoustic ducting and four fastening clamps to connect everything together.

S&P TD-Silent 100mm kit includes: 1x TD-Silent 250/100 Fan (240m3/hr) 100mm (4″) outlet, 1x 100/300mm Rhino Pro Carbon Filter (incls outer pre-filter), 10mtr x 102mm Acoustic Ducting, 4x 102mm Fastening Clips.

S&P TD-Silent 125mm kit includes: 1x TD-Silent 350/125 Fan (360m3/hr) 125mm (5″) outlet, 1x 125/300mm Rhino Pro Carbon Filter (incls outer pre-filter), 10mtr x 127mm Acoustic Ducting, 4x 127mm Fastening Clips.

S&P TD-Silent 150mm kit includes: 1x TD-Silent 500/150 Fan (550m3/hr) 150mm (6″) outlet, 1x 150/300mm Rhino Pro Carbon Filter (incl outer pre-filter), 10mtr x 152mm Acoustic Ducting, 4x 152mm Fastening Clips.

S&P TD-Silent 200mm kit includes: 1x TD-Silent 800/200 Fan (910m3/hr) 200mm (8″) outlet, 1x 200/600mm Rhino Pro Filter (incl outer pre-filter), 10mtr x 203mm Acoustic Ducting, 4x 203mm Fastening Clips.

Notes on TD-Silent fans:

Each TD-Silent fan (other than the 160/100N) have either two-speed or three-speed capability. This can be acheived by altering a wiring terminal (a design feature not a hack!) within the fan. There is a diagram to show this on the instructions included but please contact us for more information on this if required.

A TD-Silent multi-flow fan can be used in conjunction with a fan speed controller, but only if used with a Hybrid type controller such the SMSCOM Hybrid controllers or the Rhino Silent Thermostatic range of fan controller. The TD-Silent fan must have its wiring set to the highest output speed (as the fan comes out of the box) and not after altering the wiring as above.

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