Flexible Ventilation Silencers


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Quality budget flexible silencers from Hydrogarden for use with any fan/ventilation system.

These great new silencers assist in reducing noise levels with your ventilation equipment. All silencers are 1mtr in length and are flexible enough to bend 90 degrees to allow fitting into the corners of grow rooms or grow tents.

The silencer is primarily designed to reduce the sound of gushing air exhausting from the end of your ducting by acting in a very similar way to a motorcycle exhaust/muffler (this will then also reduce overall sound output of your ventilation equipment)

Please note: For an overall reduction in a ventilation equipment sound output we would recommend purchasing an acoustic fan and acoustic ducting.

* Available for 100mm – 315mm Fans/ducting.
* Robust and ideal for small grow rooms – Highly recommended by Somhydro!

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