Soler & Paulau TD-Silent Mixed Flow In-Line Fans



  • Extremely quiet
  • Highest quality
  • Robust and durable
  • Easy access for cleaning
  • Award winning design
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The Soler & Palau TD-Silent Mixed-Flow fans are quite simply one of the highest quality, quietest, most reliable and most efficient range of acoustic (soundproofed) in-line grow room fans available on the market today and are a must for any indoor gardener wishing to build a grow room in places where people work and/or low sound level is required!

Gold medal yearly award winning fans in both the indoor gardening industry and construction industry. These fans really cannot be beaten within their price range.

*PLEASE NOTE: Our TD Silent fans do not include any form of built-in thermostatic or speed controller as found with other Soler & Palau fans.

The TD-Silent range of low profile in-line mixed flow duct fans are manufactured in tough reinforced plastic with a highly efficient streamline design. The unique design of the support bracket allows the motor and impeller assembly to be fitted or removed without dismantling the adjacent ducting, therefore allowing a complete ease of access for cleaning etc. All fans have an IP44 rating.

Each fan comes complete with bracket and is wired with a 5m cable and UK plug.

Each fan (other than the 160/100N) have either two-speed or three-speed capability. This can be achieved by altering a wiring terminal (a design feature not a hack!) within the fan. There is a diagram to show this on the instructions included but please contact us for more information on this if required.

A TD-Silent multi-flow fan can be used in conjunction with a fan speed controller, but TD-Silent fan must have its wiring set to the highest output speed (as the fan comes out of the box) and not after altering the wiring to half-speed as above.

TD-Silent 160/100N

Outlet/ducting size: 100mm (4″) – Airflow capacity: 180m3/hr – Sound dBA@3m: 24

Max power consumption: 28watts – Amp: 0.2 – Weight: 1.4kg

TD-Silent 250/100

Outlet/ducting size: 100mm (4″) – Airflow capacity: 240m3/hr – Sound dBA@3m: 24

Max power consumption: 28watts – Amp: 0.1 – Weight: 5.4kg

TD-Silent 350/125

Outlet/ducting size: 125mm (5″) – Airflow capacity: 360m3/hr – Sound dBA@3m: 20

Max power consumption: 30watts – Amp: 0.1 – Weight: 5.0kg

TD-Silent 500/150

Outlet/ducting size: 150mm (6″) – Airflow capacity: 550m3/hr – Sound dBA@3m: 22

Max power consumption: 59watts – Amp: 0.2 – Weight: 6.0kg

TD-Silent 800/200

Outlet/ducting size: 200mm (8″) – Airflow capacity: 910m3/hr – Sound dBA@3m: 19

Max power consumption: 102watts – Amp: 0.5 – Weight: 8.7kg

TD-Silent 1000/200

Outlet/ducting size: 200mm (8″) – Airflow capacity: 1040m3/hr – Sound dBA@3m: 21

Max power consumption: 130watts – Amp: 0.5 – Weight: 8.7kg

Please contact us for information regarding the larger fans that complete the TD-Silent range.

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