Vents TT Mixed-Flow Temp & Speed Control Inline Fan 100mm



  • Airflow rate: 187m3/hour
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Dynamically adjusts fan speed to control temperature accurately.
  • Fully adjustable idle speed.
  • Silent and safe operation
  • Compact dimensions
  • IPX4 protection class
  • Two-speed operating mode
  • Access to the motor and impeller without dismantling the ducts.
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The Vents TT Mixed-Flow Temp & Speed Control 100mm Fan is a cost-effective temperature controlled in-line exhaust/intake fan that although budget priced still maintains a high level of performance.

  • A low cost fan with high capabilities
  • Built-in speed control.
  • Built-in temperature control.
  • 4m long temperature probe for accurate temperature reading of your grow room.
  • Fan temp control can be used to reduce airflow fan speed to a minimum after your grow lights have switched off.
  • Greatly improves control over your grow room ventilation.
  • Long life ball bearing motors and thermal protection to prevent motor burnout.
  • Mixed flow technology for extra pressure development and longer duct runs.
  • Built-in mounting foot for easy fixing.
  • Utilises/includes an IEC Cable fitted with UK 13amp 3-pin plug for quick plug and play!

Compatible with our 100mm Rhino Pro Carbon Filter.

PLEASE NOTE: This fan is not to used in conjunction with any external fan speed/temperature controller.

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