Rhino Inline Fan Thermostatically Controlled


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The Rhino Thermostatically Controlled range of fans from the world leaders in grow room carbon filter technology.

Rhino thermostatically controlled fans allow for the management of air exchanges according to the growers desired idling speed and grow room temperature. A robust and maintenance free fan that produces a minimum amount of noise and allows the grower to ventilate their grow room in an efficient manner. The durable casing is manufactured from reinforced plastic to give the fan a very strong outer casing that prevents leaks.

All Rhino Fans come completely wired with a 2mtr cable and UK plug, ready to use from the box.

100mm Thermostatic Fan: 280mtr cubed per hour. 40watts. 0.18Amps. Approx. 35db

125mm Thermostatic Fan: 400mtr cubed per hour. 60watts. 0.26Amps. Approx. 38db

 150mm Thermostatic Fan: 760mtr cubed per hour. 105watts. 0.46amps. Approx. 45db

*PLEASE NOTE: A thermostatically controlled fan is NOT recommended for use in conjunction with an air-cooled grow light reflector/system.

To calculate how big a fan you will require: Simply multiply the length x width x height of your grow room in mtrs which will give you the cubic capacity of your room ..and then multiply that value by either 30 or 60 which is the minimum and maximum air changes required per hour for optimum ventilation in your grow room.

For example : A grow room measuring 2mtrs x 2mtrs x 2mtrs = 8mtrs cubed x30 air changes an hour = 240mtr cubed per hour will need to be ventilated a rule we recommend buying a slightly larger capacity fan than you need, to allow for summer increases in temperature and or using a Carbon filter.

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