RAM Clip-on 150mm (6″) Fan



  • Low power consumption:15w
  • 2 speed
  • Tilt updown and rotate
  • Lower noise design
  • Sturdy non-slip clip
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A quality 150mm (6″) clip-on circulation fan ideal for use within a grow tent, grow room, home or office!

RAM Clip-on fans have 2-speed output offering complete air circulation control and versatility to help you maintain the optimum grow room temperature resulting in healthy happy plants! Multi-positional (but not oscillating) these little fans are a must within a grow tent.

A must-have product to ensure even room temperature and as an aid to plant transpiration. Air circulation within the grow room will also help to stop fungal/mould spores from settling on your favourite plants helping your plants to avoid the dreaded rot!

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