SMSCOM Smart Mk2 6.5amp Grow Room Fan Controller


  • Software controlled.
  • Very smooth fan speed adjustment.
  • Reduces fan noise.
  • Optimise grow room temperature.
  • Plug and play – no wiring necessary.
  • 2m Temperature Sensor.
  • Minimum fan speed can be adjusted.
  • Accurate to +/- 1 degree.
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The SMSCOM Smart Controller for single grow room fan, distinguishes itself from other types of controllers by using the software. This technology has only ever been seen in the Twin Controller 4.5A but is now available in a unit designed to control a single fan up to 6.5amp.

The temperature probe can be removed from the Smart controller to allow the controller to be used as a straight speed controller.

The Smart Controller will automatically find the correct running speed of your fan so a constant temperature is maintained. This new technology ensures more accurate temperature control, less fan noise and longer life of your fan.

The Smart Controller is plug and play so no wiring is needed, just plug in your fan, set the desired temperature and the software inside the Smart Controller will calculate the correct running speed of your fan to accurately maintain your temperature.

Please note: Though digital fan speed controllers (like this one) are a very cost-effective solution, they may generate a humming sound, and in particular when attempting to run at very low speed with smaller extraction/intake fans. This is an unavoidable consequence of using pulse width modulation to regulate fan output. We highly recommend our SMSCom Hybrid Fan Speed Controllers or the Rhino Silent range of fan controllers, which instead use heavyweight transformers and run completely silent.

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