Rhino RC-1 Twin Grow Room Fan Controller



  • Manufactured by the world leaders in carbon filter technology.
  • Dual fan speed control.
  • Grow room temperature control.
  • Hard wired temperature probe.
  • Easy equipment installation/wiring.
  • Full instructions.
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Let Rhino do the work! The RC-1 thermostatically controlled, dual fan controller enables growers to create the ultimate two fan air exchange system. The Rhino RC-1 Fan Controller will control two duct fans up to a maximum of 1.6amp per channel (150 watts per fan)

Intake and extraction fans will run at maximum speed to quickly establish the desired temperature, once reached the fans will drop to a minimum idle speed ensuring the room is adequately ventilated and preventing air leaks.

How to use

  1. Set the desired room temperature using the setting dial.
  2. Once power is applied, the fan speeds can be set via the minimum speed dials, one-speed control for each input (intake/extraction).
  3. If the desired temperature is exceeded, the two fans will increase to full speed until the temperature falls back below the set point.
  4. Fan speeds will then revert back to idling, controlling the negative pressure in the environment.

Please note: Though digital fan speed controllers (like this one) are a very cost-effective solution, they may generate a humming sound, and in particular when attempting to run at very low speed with smaller extraction/intake fans. This is an unavoidable consequence of using pulse width modulation to regulate fan output. We highly recommend our SMSCom Hybrid Fan Speed Controllers or the Rhino Silent range of fan controllers, which instead use heavyweight transformers and run completely silent.

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