Ecotechnics Evolution Grow Room Fan Controller


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The Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller monitors temperature and humidity within the grow room and constantly adjusts the speed of the extraction/intake fans to maintain optimal conditions for plant growth.

The unit also controls a grow room heater and can control multiple fans through each channel up to a combined load of 6A (per channel). The heater output will control loads up to 3kW making it compatible with most fan heaters and all solenoid controlled gas heaters.

The Evolution is a more expensive unit than some other options but has superior features and technology so the extra outlay is easily justified for those wishing to have maximum control over their environmental variables. The unit is supplied with a comprehensive printed User Guide.


  • Dynamically adjusts inline-fan speed with precise increments to control temperature accurately.
  • Intelligently responds to temperature changes.
  • Advanced control algorithm
  • Massive 12 amp total fan load
  • Live display of temperature/humidity
  • Controls humidity as well as temperature.
  • Works in conjunction with the Evolution Co2 controller.
  • Able to control up to 3kw of heating.
  • Both idle speed and maximum speed are fully adjustable.
  • Controls intake & exhaust fans at the same time.
  • Remote temperature and humidity sensor with 5mtr of cable.
  • Easy equipment installation/wiring.
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Includes full instructions.
  • Highly recommended by Somhydro!
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