The Pure Factory Grow Room Humidifier



  • Maintain optimum humidity level
  • Increased plant health
  • Quiet and reliable
  • Cost effective


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Pure Factory humidifiers have a high adjustable mist output and are very quiet in operation. Ideal for healthy plant growth or personal health purposes.

Ideal for use within a hot grow room where the relative humidity level is very low. The humidity level can be important to various plants having differing requirements for humidity throughout the vegetative or flowering life cycle.


  • Power Consumption (both 4L & 8L) – 32 Watts
  • Volts- 100-240
  • Evaporative litres per hour 4L unit: max 250ml/hr
  • Evaporative litres per hour 8L unit: min-max 250-350ml/hr
  • Tank capacity- 4 & 8 litres
  • Come┬ácomplete with lead and UK 3-pin plug
  • Dimensions 8L – 36x25cm
  • Dimensions 4L – 36x18cm

PLEASE NOTE: Pure Factory humidifier units have been designed for optimum use with de-ionised, distilled or RO (reverse osmosis) water. Failure to use correct water type may cause unit problems/failure and may void any warranty.

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