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The ExHale CO2 bag with new easy-hanger is great for production of CO2 into the growing area or grow room. There is much talk about this new product, some reviews negative, many positive. We have reviewed and tested this product to find that the bags do indeed produce a high level of CO2 locally to the bag, but users must be realistic about CO2 PPM levels that can be reached when using this product in an enclosed space with ventilation equipment running full time in close proximity to the bag.

We recommend placing 1 bag per square metre and replacing the bag/s every 4-8 weeks for optimum potential.

The perks of increased CO2 levels within a greenhouse are universally known, and include earlier flowering, greater yields, enhanced stem strength, and weightier flowers. Plants use a process called photosynthesis, which converts water, sunlight and CO2 in to essential materials to aid their growth and overall nutrition.

With more CO2 in the air, plants become more active and efficient at absorbing it and using it. Faster conversion of CO2 in to essential nutrients, results in faster and more vigorous plant growth. Also, plants absorb CO2 through small pores on the underside of the leaves, called stomata. When the levels of CO2 are larger, the plants do not require these pores to open as often or as wide, this results in a smaller water loss and reduced probability of absorbing critically damaging air pollutants.

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