Ecotechnics UNIS Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Doser


Unis features:

  • Simplicity in use
  • Long term reliability
  • No complicated calculations
  • 16 different controller settings
  • No need to adjust flow rate
  • Gas remaining gauge
  • Full 1yr warranty
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Ecotechnics have built their reputation around the UNIS Carbon Dioxide (C02) doser since 1994 and it has been the top selling UK CO2 doser for over 20years.

The UNIS has been updated with the latest microprocessor technology allowing 16 individual settings for room size. There is No requirement to alter the flow rate of the gas regulator which is factory pre-set to match the controller, making set up and use extremely simple.

There is no question that dosing CO2 in gas form at optimum level periodically and continuously will out perform any alternative CO2 producing product on the market. Only direct measured dosing can guarantee maximum results from CO2 enhancement. No heavy/awkward bags of fungus to dispose of, and no daily maintenance of pellet or powder products. Let UNIS do the work and maximise the potential of your plants!

How to use the UNIS

Simply measure your grow room (width-length-height ) and then multiply the three (width x length x height) which will give you the cubic capacity of your grow room. Match the resulting total with the appropriate size setting on the unit .. and plug in! The Solenoid controller will do the rest for you by dosing the room automatically with the appropriate amount of Co2 periodically via the pre-programmed dosing calculation relevant to the setting you have chosen on the controller.

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