Co2 Lay Flat Tubing x10mtrs


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Heavy duty 3″ Co2 Lay Flat Tubing for use with the Ecotechnics Unis or Full Evolution Co2 controller.

How to use:

Suspend the lay flat tubing above your grow lights (usually) in a horseshoe layout (or whatever layout matches the growing area shape) with multiple loose loops made of thin string or thread allowing enough space within the loop for the lay flat tubing to inflate. Securely tie off the end of the lay flat tubing. Attach the other end of the lay flat tubing to the outlet fitting of your Unis valve with elastic bands or small jubilee clips, and then puncture a hole every 50cm (initially) with a needle.

Set your Unis to the correct setting for your sized growing area and allow the lay flat tubing to inflate with Co2. If the tubing has not completely deflated by the time the next dose of Co2 is emitted, then add further equally spaced needle holes and repeat the inflation process until you have the required amount of needle holes for correct inflation and deflation timescale!

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