Trimzilla 16″ Bowl Leaf Trimmer


  • Trims large quantities of material in no time at all
  • Saves countless hours of trimming time
  • Can turn a two man job into a one man job
  • No more time-consuming hand trimming with scissors
  • Supplied with additional trimming wires
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The Trimzilla 16″ bowl leaf trimmer is one of the most helpful and innovative inventions since sliced bread! The trimmer greatly reduces the time it takes to remove unwanted materials from your crop (Ten times faster), this allows you to get on with more important jobs. The Trimzilla is made from quality stainless steel casing making it virtually indestructible. It also contains rubber fingers that help turn the crop within the trimmer which are made from food-grade rubber. The Trimzilla is so simple to use and can be used by almost anyone! All you have to do is turn the handle and the Trimzilla does the rest!

How does the Trimzilla Bowl Trimmer work?

When your Trimzilla arrives, you will open the box to find a metal bowl (lower half), and a clear heay-duty upper half. The lower half contains the metal grill and trimming wires that are simple to fit in with the provided equipment. The top half contains the rubber fingers that help move the product around when moving the trimmer. The top also has a rubber seal around the rim just to stop any material coming out and to give the trimmer an airtight seal stopping any knocks or wobbles from opening the Trimzilla while turning. The rotatable handle that will be in the box will then need to be attached. This is connected to the vertical spindle inside the top half of the Trimzilla. Once attached this will control the trimming wire and move it around inside the bowl.

Once everything has been fitted and set up, you’re ready to go! Plant material can now be placed on the grill attached to the lower bowl. Once placed, the top half of the bowl should be fastened on top and the turning of the handle can commence. After a few turned all the sides of the material will get trimmed.

How to use the Trimzilla Bowl Trimmer  

Ensuring that your Trimzilla is sitting flat, put your plant material onto the grill. Don’t try to trim too much at once (there are recommendations within the instructions). Smaller amounts are easier and quicker to trim than a large grill-full that has been piled up, and the trim quality will be better. Next place the Trimzilla top bowl onto the top of the grill, making sure that it seats well over the rubber edge-seal.

Turn the handle at the rate of about one turn every 2 to 3 seconds. Don’t turn it as fast as you can. The best trim will be gained from a medium trimming speed. The length of time it takes the Trimzilla to finish trimming your plant material will vary depending on the type of plant and how much you put in to be trimmed. The clear top-bowl makes it easy to visually check how the trimming is progressing as you go.

Once your plant material has been trimmed thoroughly, take the top off the Trimzilla and remove it. Place the next batch in if necessary. Every few batches, check under the grill and empty the trim out of the bottom bowl if necessary. Make sure that the Trimzilla is cleaned well after use to maintain its effectiveness and lifespan.


  • Trimming bowl
  • Clear plastic lid with high-density rubber tongues
  • Grill with gearbox and 2-way blade
  • 2 x sets of 4-way wire blades
  • Handle with Allen key, washer and screw
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