Maxibright Daylight 480w Led


Daylight 480w specifications:

  • Dimensions (mm): 945 x 900 x 85
  • Weight: 9kg
  • Output: Full spectrum daylight
  • LEDs: Osram & Lumiled
  • Control: Dimmable 100%-25%
  • Coverage: 1.0-1.2mtr sqr
  • Input power: 480watts
  • Lifespan: Greater than 50,000 hours
  • LED efficiency: 2.3µmol per Watt
  • Total output: 1104µmol/s
  • Input current (A): 2.89
  • Supply voltage: 220-240v
  • Power factor: 50/60Hz
  • Ip rating: IP65
  • Warranty: 4yr
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*SPECIAL OFFER*  The Maxibright Daylight full spectrum 480watt led is super efficient, powerful and reliable due to the use of Osram and Lumileds diodes in construction. Sleek in design and solid in construction Maxibright Daylight dimmable led bars now come with click-fit connection to the main body making installation quicker and easier than previously. The Daylight 480w led comes with an external remote controller which dims/increases light output in 25% increments. The controller now being external makes altering output more accessible than with previous models.

The Daylight Led utilises passive cooling which means that there are no noisy internal fans used to cool the unit. Instead, heat is dissipated passively. This keeps your unit quiet. With no moving parts, you also prolong the life of your unit.

LED lighting technology has evolved leaps and bounds over the past few decades. As the technology has progressed, so have grower’s expectations on performance. With a full-bodied PAR spectrum output and a high total output, the Maxibright range of led grow lights ensure that growing with leds will impress even the most staunch HPS or Halide supporter!

Bar Led grow lights Vs. Modular Led grow lights:

Unlike our other Led grow lights being built into a single modular chassis where a lense is fitted over individual led diode/s or COB to distribute light coverage, the Maxibright Daylight LED creates uniform coverage by actually positioning the LEDs on bars that span a set area directly above all the plants .

Instead of light being spread out via diode lense for modular Leds, with a Daylight Led light is beamed down directly to plants. All plants are directly under the source of light, so you don’t get hot or cold spots. Since light isn’t directed out and away from the fixture, you also lose less light to walls.


You will need to assemble your Maxibright Daylight 480w Led when you receive it, which can be done comfortably in 5-10 minutes single handedly and does not require any technical ability. Being somewhat flat-packed, even the larger models of Daylight Led can be taken through tight spaces like loft hatches (unlike many other bar led grow lights) adding further versatility to placement!

*Ideally, we recommend using an RCB alongside any relevant maximum wattage grow light timer.

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