Maxiswitch 26amp 6kw max Contactor Grow Light Controller


Main features:

  • 8x grow light plug-in points.
  • Switch up to 6000w i.e 8x 600w units.
  • 24 month guarantee.
  • Heavy duty contactor switch.
  • Safe to use.
  • Reliable.
  • Requires 2x mains plug-in points.
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Totally reliable and made to Maxigrow’s usual high standards. This 8-way Contactor grow light controller has a built-in timer and can handle up to 6000w (26 amps total – will not run 6x 1000w HID grow lights) of lighting.

A H.I.D lighting unit has a start-up power surge when switched on which is too high for most standard domestic timers alone to cope with and will in most cases burn out the timer or worse. The Maxi 26amp controller is ideal for safely switching On & Off grow lights. Supplied with a built-in Grasslin timer ..this is the safe option for peace of mind lighting control.

*Requires 2x mains plug-in points.

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