Greenpower Commercial Contactor Grow Light Controller


Key Features:

  • Built to Canatronics exacting standards under licence, known for many years as the benchmark in quality and reliability
  • Heavy duty build with internal wiring
  • Switchable sockets
  • World renowned professional Grasslin timer
  • Built to strict C.E. standards
  • Rubberised HO7RNF cable resistant to light ray degradation
  • Robust metal housing
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
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The Greenpower Commercial Contactor for controlling multiple banks of HID lights.

These units send power to your HID lighting ballast bank-by-bank, reducing the surge you get from HID lights on start up. Green Power commercial units use heavy duty contactors and delays which allow you to switch HID lighting on safely. Additional safety is provided by the world-renowned Grasslin timer which is powered by a quartz crystal back up and built-in trip fuses to provide extra protection against any power surges.

From start up; banks of four lighting units ignite with a 20 second interval between each bank of four lights.

NOTE: These units need to be hard-wired by a qualified electrician.

Greenpower Commercial 12-way operating loads:
12x 250watt light units
12x 400watt light units
12x 600watt light units
7x 1000watt light units
(+4 Auxillary sockets for non-timed equipment/devices)
Maximum Load: 7200 watts.

Greenpower Commercial 16-way operating loads:
16x 250watt light units
16x 400watt light units
16x 600watt light units
9x 1000watt light units
Maximum power load: 9600 watts.

Greenpower Commercial 24-way operating loads:
24x 250watt light units
24x 400watt light units
24x 600watt light units
14x 1000watt light units
(+4 Auxillary sockets for non-timed equipment/devices)
Maximum power load: 14400 watts.

Greenpower Commercial 28-way operating loads:
28x 250watt light units
28x 400watt light units
28x 600watt light units
16x 1000watt light units
Maximum power load: 16800 watts.

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