Powerplant Mantis Grow Light Reflector



  • Dimensions- 68x56x12-20cm depth
  • 5 adjustable settings.
  • Adjustable lamp-holder depth.
  • IEC connector fitting that allows connection to any Ballast that utilises IEC fittings.
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The Powerplant Mantis versatile grow light reflector..Five reflectors in one!

The Mantis is a unique reflector that retains its profile throughout its adjustable range. Five easily adjustable settings allow you to start with a deep, focused light for when your young plants are small enough to group together and then expand the settings of the reflector as your plants expand and grow!

Constructed using polished, hammered and dimpled aluminium offering optimum light dispersal.

Highly recommended for a large growing space or over larger than average plants.

Tip: A HID (HPS/Metal Halide/CDM) bulb will drop approx. 30% of its lumen output within 12-14 months of continuous use. We recommend replacing every 3-6months for optimum plant growth and yield output!

The Mantis reflector can be converted to use a 315w CDM ballast and lamps with our E40 to 315w CDM lamp holder adapter.

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